General Dentistry

At Boutique Dental Bondi we are very experienced in all aspects of general dentistry:

Cleans and Check ups

 X-rays: 3D CBCT, OPG x-rays and highly detailed, digital intraoral x-rays can all be done at our clinic for the most comprehensive view of your teeth, jaw and sinuses.

Scale and Polish: One of our dentists will remove plaque and calculus build up from your teeth. We use both ultrasonic and hand scalers to provide you with a thorough clean.

Photos: all photos taken will be shown to you to help explain any treatment and to create a comprehensive record of your teeth.

Prophy air polish: Safest and quickest way to remove even the most stubborn stains from your teeth.

Fluoride Treatment: to reduce teeth sensitivity and to strengthen and re-mineralise teeth.

Need any further treatment? We will always provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan showing all preventive measures. These will be explained in detail and all costs provided.



All of our fillings are done using only the very best bonding and filling material for your teeth. The decay is removed and the composite (white filling material) is bonded to the tooth and a high intensity UV light is used to set the filling.


Crown and Bridges

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Crowns and bridges are an excellent way of restoring aesthetics and full function to teeth.

Crowns are placed over your weakened or decayed tooth after they are reduced in size, to allow the crown to fit over the tooth like a thimble.

Although there are aesthetic benefits to this treatment, the main reason for placing crowns is to strengthen damaged teeth so they can withstand the large forces we exert on them when we eat. And thanks to the latest developments, crowns and porcelain crowns can now blend in seamlessly with your other teeth.

A bridge is an excellent way to replace a missing tooth. Crowns on the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are crowned and a false crown is attached between them to replace the missing tooth.

Both crowns and bridges are extremely durable and require only the same care as your own teeth.


Dentures (Plates)

Partial and complete dentures can be made for patients who are missing one, many, or all of their teeth.

If you need a tooth taken out and don't want to be without a tooth we can have a denture made ready so that it can be placed immediately after an extraction. 

There are many styles of partial dentures and one of our dentists can determine which is the best option for you.



Night-guards, (also known as splints) are an important part of your oral health care routine if you find you are clenching or grinding your teeth.

Without a guard, grinding and clenching could be causing jaw and facial pain, headaches and causing irreversible damage to your teeth.



Mouthguards are an essential item if you play any contact sports. They help to lessen the forces caused by blows to the head, helping to protect your teeth and jaw from fractures.


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